Yuying product introduction



a lens
1 LED light  distribution lens (optional molding or injection molding)
a Light source model, COB light source size
b light angle
c distance from the lamp to the lens
d Lens size, thickness, material (focal length ratio PMMA 1:3 PC1:4)
 Applications: stage lights, mining lights,  flood lights, wall washers, traffic lights, film and television lighting, etc.
  Extended application: use  sandblasting, compound eye, atomization, anti-glare, diffusing agent and other  methods to make the spot more uniform and soft.
2 infrared sensor lens
 a ceiling 2.7-3 meters and more than 3 meters
 b Wall-mounted 1.2-1.5  m switch
c Wall-mounted 2m - 2.5m  security
d 0.8 m   table top and below 0.5 m foot
 e Infrared thermometer and proximity sensing
 demand information
(1) Probe model specifications Product drawings
(2) The probe is placed in a 3D or 2D view relative to the lens
(3) Requires sensing angle and sensing distance (horizontal and vertical)
(4) Indoor  application OR outdoor application
(5) Color  requirements
(6) Is there any anti-pet function?
3 projector series
 A front Philippine and Philippine, the front Philippine  is close to the light source, generally positive, requiring approximately parallel light to be emitted, the rear Philippine is generally eccentric design, hitting the screen is generally square
The larger the B picture, the darker the brightness.  Consider customer light source
 C If the projection screen is  yellowed and the four sides are yellow, the combined focal length is too short. It is recommended to use a focal length long lens; blue is the opposite.
4 Photovoltaic Fresnel lens and collector Fresnel lens
(1) PMMA, equal ring design and variable ring design, such as long focal length, large focal spot, short focal spot, small arc tooth and straight tooth processing, tooth tip R0.01-0.02MM maximum tooth depth recommended no more than 1MM 0.25-0.5 is suitable, the tooth is shallow for  telephoto lens, deep for short-focus lens can press 2MM deep thread, the largest can be processed diagonal 2m or 1*1.6m molded lens
(2) SOG+ tempered glass, equal ring  design and variable ring design, the focal length is long, the focal spot is short, the focal spot is small, the arc tooth is different from the straight tooth processing,  and the tooth depth R0.01-0.02MM maximum tooth depth is recommended. More than 1MM, 0.25-0.5 is appropriate, shallow for telephoto lenses, tooth depth for short-focus lenses, up to 2 meters diameter lens.
(3) Linear heat collection and polarized light, the focal length is long, the focal spot is short, and the focal length of R0.01-0.02MM is recommended to be no more than 1MM, 0.4-0.5MM  is suitable, and the shallow tooth is for telephoto lens. The tooth depth can be used to make a 1*1 meter lens for the short-focus  lens PMMA material, and the SOG+ tempered glass can be made up to 1.4*2 meters.
5 reflective Fresnel lens
(1) Projector series
(2) ATM cash machine series, the current maximum coating 500*500, tooth tip R0.01-0.02MM, generally the  dense tooth 0.1-0.3MM focal length shorter the viewing angle is larger.
6 3D virtual lens 
(1) Large field of view, above 60  degrees, combined with convex lens to achieve 90 degrees
(2) Capability: 10MM thickness PMMA lens
(3) The pitch design can be 0.1-0.5MM
7 mobile phone magnifier
(1) Capability: 1.5MM thickness PMMA lens, tip R0.03
(2) The pitch design can be 0.3-0.5MM
Second mold processing capacity
       Tip R0.01MM, the pitch is less than 0.03MM, the maximum moldable diameter is 2000mm, the minimum moldable diameter is less than 1mm, the longest focal length can be designed and processed more  than 5 meters, the minimum focal length can be designed and processed below 5MM, the highest finish R0.014 Micron, typically R0.02 microns.
1 Molding mold
(1) The customer sends out the mold fee and we suppress it.
(2) take-out mold
(3) Special design
(4) Requires tooling or special  requirements for mirror panels
2 injection mold
(1) The customer sends out the mold fee and we suppress it.
(2) Takeaway model
(2) Special design additional
(4) Requires special tooling or shape to have special requirements


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